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Presentations from 2017 Conference


Defining Brownfields, Scott Huckstep, MoDNR

Locating, Assessing & Identifying Costs, Catherine Jones, MoDNR

Area Wide Brownfields Inventory, Bobbie Pennington, MoDNR

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments, Christine O'Keefe MoDNR

What Do You Do After the Assessment?, Brian McCurren, MoDNR

Financial and Technical Assistance Incentives, Catherine Jones, MoDNR

The EIERA Revolving Loan Fund Supports Cleanup Activities for Contaminated Sites, Kristin Tipton, EIERA

Brownfield Remediation Program more commonly known as Brownfield Tax Credits, Mark Pauley, Mo Dept. of Economic Development

Leveraging Resources: How to Fund Brownfields Redevelopment Projects, Olivia Hough, City of Springfield

Community Success Stories, Blase Leven, K-State TAB Program


Wetland, Archeological and Habitat Considerations for permitting and Mitigation, Lindsay James, Blackstone Environmental, Inc.

Latest Trends in State and Federal Environmental Enforcement and Permitting, Andrew Brought, Spencer Fane LLP

Minimizing Hazardous Waste isn't Just a Regulatory Requirement - It's Good for Business, Chuck Kroeger, GeoEngineers

How to Treat Hazardous Waste Without a Permit (and get away withit)!, Julie Marks, Barr Engineering Company

Wildlife Habitat and Forest Stewardship, Talya Mayfield, Continental Cement and Green America Recycling

Planning for Disaster Debris and Animal Mass Mortality Event Management, Jeff Philips, Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants

Assessment Strategies for Urban Redevelopment and Land Clearing Projects, Doug Dreiling, SCS Engineers

From Brown to Green - CPR for Properties in Sheol, Ray Stillwell, Green Investment Group, Inc.


Waste to Resource - Chip Seal Project, Dr. Mohamed Elgawady,   MS& T University

Waste to Resource - Fly Ash Project, Randy White, West Central Missouri SWMD/Pettis County

Leachate System Clogging - The Springfield Experence, Nathan Hamm, SCS Engineers

Soilless Landfill Cover Systems, Clay Reichert, GSE Environmental

Selection of Geophysical Survey Investigation Method for Identifying Sand Blows in the New Madrid Seismic Zone for Siting a Landfill, Travis Doll, GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.

Closed Sanitary Landfills - What Happens in 10-20-30 Years and Beyond!, Rickie Roberts, GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.

Sustainable ET Landfill Covers - Grassland/Woodland Ecosystem Based Design, Charlie Sedlock, Hamm Sanitary Landfi, and Mike Kukuk, Blackstone Environmental, Inc.


Maintaining CCR Rule Compliance - Lessons Learned (So Far), Andrew Rackers, GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.

Case Study of Clean Closure Verification of CCR Surface Impoundments, Emme Mayle, GeoEngineers, and Burch Parton, Jacobs Engineering Group

Reshaping Your Ash, Pat Goeke, SCS Engineers, and Ben Cummings, Radmacher Brothers Excavating

Installation of a Groundwater Monitoring System at a CCR UWL in Karst Terrain, Justin Brown, GeoEngineers, and Chris Hickman, Jacobs Engineering Group


Environmental Covenants, James Price, Spencer Fane LLP

Hazardous Waste Injection and Sustainability, Frank Marine, Texas Molecular

Environmental Technology Resources, ITRC Guidance Documents and Training, Michael Sieczkowski, JRW Bioremediation


E-START (Environmental Site Tracking and Research Tool), Don Cripe, MoDNR

CalClean Technology + Funding = Case Closures!, Noel Shenoi, CalClean, Inc.
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