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Effective Application of ITRC Guidance Documents to Hydrocarbon Sites

Files to be downloaded for Conference Workshops:

(4-hour workshop.) Hydrocarbon-impacted sites are subject to regulations and guidance directed at petroleum vapor intrusion, total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil, and LNAPL. These regulations do not always acknowledge the interrelated nature of these concerns. ITRC has provided guidance related to each concern; however, practical integration of the concepts in each of the three guidance documents is necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation at most petroleum hydrocarbon sites. The course will provide a high-level review of concepts presented in the ITRC documents. Participants will use a case-study exercise and discuss in teams how to

  • approach a hydrocarbon release in a holistic manner,
  • develop a comprehensive conceptual site model (CSM),
  • utilize all three guidance documents to address concerns as they are recognized,
  • avoid the creation of data gaps (and excess cost to fill them), and
  • better manage an investigation.

Participants are expected to be reasonably familiar with the three ITRC hydrocarbon guidance documents (PVI, TPH Risk, LNAPL). Each exercise requires teams to report their conclusions to the group and discuss alternative approaches and best practices for site assessment. Class size will be limited to allow in-depth discussion.

This workshop is limited in size.  It will be offered during 2 sessions of the Tanks Track on Monday and again on Tuesday. Pre-gistration is required.  Topics of workshops are:

ITRC Hydrocarbons Guidance Workshop – Scenario 1 (AST Gasoline Site)

ITRC Hydrocarbons Guidance Workshop – Scenario 2 (Diesel Pipeline Release)

Also, we will have an API Transmisivity calculation workshop on Monday morning.

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