Annual Award for

Outstanding Achievement

One of the goals of the Missouri Waste Control Coalition (MWCC) is to recognize outstanding achievements in the environmental industry each year. MWCC presents the following award during its annual conference. The next conference will be held July 21--23rd, 2024, at Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach, Missouri. Upon notification, MWCC will invite award recipients to develop a 10-minute presentation (power point optional) to be presented at lunch at the next conference. Hotel for one night and a free registration will also be made available to the recipients.

Deadline for submission is May 26 of each year.

Eligibility: is open to any business both for profit and non-profit, industry, government entity or individual, citizens group, and solid waste operation located within the State of Missouri.


Questions: Call Sandra Sabanske, Executive Director, at 913.381.4458, or email

Click here to view past recipients.

  Description of

This award recognizes projects, individuals, groups, or organizations which have achieved environmental excellence through innovative technology and methodologies or significant community stewardship. Applications should include specific information on individuals/organizations involved and impact of work performed. Organizations or projects should enhance performance both environmentally and economically, be sustainable and show documented results both before and after implementation.
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