About the Missouri Waste Control Coalition

History                                                                                             Organizational Structure
    From 1972-1981, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources sponsored an annual “Missouri Solid Waste Conference” in Jefferson City. The purpose of the conference was to bring together citizens, government, business and industry to discuss the rapidly changing field of waste management. From these early conferences, the Missouri Waste Control Coalition was born, formed in 1981 through the efforts of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the University of Missouri-Columbia, and the Associated Industries of Missouri.

    The Missouri Waste Control Coalition (MWCC) became the coordinating body for the annual conference and began publishing a newsletter. In 1989 the MWCC added a teacher mini-grant program to recognize the importance of education and to increase student interest in environmental issues. The Coalition has also provided scholarships to college students, and has sponsored an Environmental Greeting Card Program. It has  offered regional seminars from time to time and, through a grant from MDNR, it offered special Appliance Demanufacturing Training Workshops.  Over the years the conference has expanded beyond solid waste issues to encompass Brownfields, Tanks, and other environmental issues.

     Through the hard work of its members and the leadership provided by its board, the MWCC has broadened its scope from a small gathering of individuals into an established and effective organization. Its annual conference reflects more than forty years of providing information and a forum for discussion!

The Coalition is governed by a board of directors of 5 officers and 4 directors. An advisory board provides assistance and valuable insight into the environmental field.  The board of directors and advisory board meet monthly from August through May with the annual conference being in June of each year.

Work is accomplished through committees.  The largest project of the Coalition is the annual conference, which is chaired by the president-elect. Each conference tract is put together by one or more facilitators.

Funds for the Coalition's educational projects are raised through its annual golf tournament held in conjunction with the annual conference and by an raffle.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

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