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2023 Presentations


Monday, July 10th - 10:30 am

Surface Fires in the Solid Waste Industry, Jeff Phillips, SCS Engineers

Subsurface Fire Response: Slow and Steady, Anastasia Welch, P.E., SCS Engineers

Monday, July 10th - 1:30 pm

Waste Connections Sustainability Campus, Brady Stewart and Benjamin Tucker, Waste Connections, and Jim Carver, City of Maryland Heights

Monday, July 10th - 3;30 pm

Summary of Missouri's Waste Management Industry, Tom Gredell, P.E. and Rickie Roberts, P.E., GREDELL Engineering Resources, and Mike Duvall, recently retired from Boeing - St. Louis

Tuesday, July 11th - 8:30 am

How Do We Measure Waste Diversion Success?, Jeff Phillips, SCS Engineers

Tuesday, July 11th - 10:30 am

The UNLIMITED Setout Nightmare, Cynthia Mormile, MSW  Consultants


Monday, July 10th - 10:30 am

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Barriers, Shane Tabor, EPRO Services, Inc.

Monday, July 10th - 1:30 pm

Solar Radiance as a Latent Heat Source in the Enhanced Evaporation Process for Leachate Volume Management, Robert Ballantyne, Resource West, Inc.

"Mining Bitcoin" from Your Groundwater Database, Jill Dekart, Foth Infrastructure & Environment

Horizon II: A Climate-Smart Future for Corn, Soybean, Livestock, and Renewable Natural Gas Production, Brandon Butler, Roeslein Alternative Energy

Tuesday, July 11th - 10:30 am

The Role of Organics Management in Climate Action Planning, Dan Bacehowski, HDR Engineering

Tuesday, July 11th - 1:00 pm

Missouri Product Stewardship - Paint Care, Kathrina, Donegan, St. Louis County Department of Public Health


ITRC Workshops:


Monday, July 10th - 10:30 am Session

BVCP Program Overview, Scott Huckstep, MDNR

What is "Long Term Stewardship", Sonja McDanel, MDNR

Intro to Environmental Due Diligence, Karen T. Rieken, P.E., and Melissa Dowling, Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Monday, July 10th - 1:30 pm Session

Addressing Brownfields Redevelopment, David Doyle, US EPA

Developer's Perspective on Brownfields, Philip Hulse, Green Street Development

Technical Assistance for Brownfields, Maggie Belanger, KSU TAB

Monday, July 10th - 3:30 pm Session

Carondelet Coke: Accelerating Brownfield Transformation, Noah Streich, Land Science

Multi-Agency Coordination Success Story, David Forseth, Geotechnology, LLC

Looking Back and Look Forward, Chris Cady, Ph.D., MDNR


Tuesday, July 11th - 10:30 am Session

Comparison of Adsorbents for the Removal of PFAs from Landfill Leachates, Marat Goldenberg, P.E., Vadose Remediation, LLC

Colloidal Activated Carbon Used to Enhance Natural Attentuation of PFAs at Airports World-Wide, Ryan Moore, Regenesis

Tuesday, July 11th - 1:00 pm Session

The Versatility of Clay-Based Adsorbents for PFAs Treatment, Marat Goldenberg, P.E. CETCO and Vadose Remediation
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