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Spring 2020 MWCC Technical Seminar:

Effective Application of Multiple
ITRC Guidance Documents to Hydrocarbon Sites

Monday, May 12, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Kauffman Foundation Conference Center
Brush Creek Room, 4801 Rockhill Road

Kansas City, MO 64110


The Missouri Waste Control Coalition is pleased to bring this seminar to Kansas City’s Kauffman Conference Center in Kansas City, MO. This program is presented by nationally recognized state and industry leaders in project management, remediation, geology, and hydrogeology.

Hydrocarbon-impacted sites are subject to regulations and guidance directed at petroleum vapor intrusion, total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil, and LNAPL.  These regulations do not always acknowledge the interrelated nature of these concerns.  ITRC has worked over the past five years to provide guidance related to each concern; however, practical integration of the concepts in each of the three guidance documents is necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation at most petroleum hydrocarbon sites.

This 6-hour course provides a high-level review of concepts presented in hydrocarbon-related ITRC documents.  The course invites audience participation in navigating case study examples of typical scenarios encountered at hydrocarbon sites addressing:

  • concepts of maximum extent practicable, LNAPL transmissivity, and NSZD to manage TPH risks.
  • risk assessment/management at former hydrocarbon sites undergoing redevelopment/land use change.
  • developing a comprehensive conceptual site model (CSM) to satisfy elements of all three ITRC guidance documents.

Real-world examples will illustrate how two or more of ITRC’s documents overlap in providing guidance and represent actual questions/concerns from regulators and practitioners.  When all three ITRC documents are reviewed together, they can provide a beneficial roadmap to guide practitioners through successful assessment and identifying closure pathways for their own projects.


Registration fee is $60 and includes the seminar, any materials and lunch.
To register, click here.


 9:00 am    Registration, coffee

 9:30 am    Seminar begins

12:30 pm   Lunch break (provided on location)

  1:00 pm   Seminar continues

  4:00 pm   Seminar ends


There are several hotels in the area. One is Embassy by Hilton Kansas City - Plaza, 220 W. 43 Street, Kansas City, MO.  To make reservations, call 816-756-1720.


Free parking is available in the main parking lot for the Kauffman Conference Center which can be entered off of Rockhill Road.



TOM FOX - Environmental Protection Specialist, CDLE, Division of Oil & Public Safety, Denver, CO

Tom Fox received a B.S. in Earth Science (Millersville University, 1980) and his M.S. in Geology (Michigan State, 1982). He was a petroleum geologist with Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) in Denver for 4 years, and then worked as an environmental consultant for 20 years, mainly in the western U.S. Tom joined the Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety in 2007 as an Environmental Protection Specialist.  Tom is a petroleum remediation subject matter expert for OPS and has presented at various state and national conferences and workshops for OPS since 2010 on subjects ranging from electronic reporting, risk assessment, remedial technologies, closure processes. He was active on the ITRC’s LNAPL document (2018) and classroom training, and is currently doing IBT sessions on this topic.

MATTHEW LAHVIS - Leads Soil and Groundwater R&D program, Shell Project and Technology, Houston, TX

Matthew Lahvis received a B.S. degree in Geology (Bucknell University) and M.S. and PhD degrees in Engineering (Drexel University). Matt worked at the USGS for 11 years and as an adjunct professor at Drexel before joining Shell in 2000. Matt leads their Soil and Groundwater R&D program. He has been an Associate Editor for Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation since 2005.  Matthew Lahvis has provided college lectures, and given several presentations at technical conferences and workshops and served as a classroom trainer for ITRC.

ANDREW KIRKMAN - LNAPL technical specialist, BP, Remediation Management Services Co, Naperville, IL

Andrew Kirkman received his B.S. in Geology and Bachelor’s in Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1998. He is BP’s lead LNAPL technical specialist, provides technical review on remediation projects, and works on LNAPL-related knowledge development and knowledge transfer efforts. Andrew has participated in development of LNAPL-related ITRC and ASTM guidance as well as API publications.  He has presented conference talks, workshops and project related discussion including past Tanks Conferences for over 15 years. These discussions included working in conjunction with organizations such as the ITRC and ASTM International.

DIANA Y. MARQUEZ - Toxicologist, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

Diana Marquez has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in toxicology, and is a toxicologist with Burns & McDonnell, leading the company’s Risk Assessment and Vapor Intrusion Services. She has over 25 years of risk assessment and vapor intrusion experience and has worked with a wide variety of sites under CERCLA, RCRA, and state-led programs. Diana Marquez has served on multiple ITRC teams addressing risk assessment and vapor intrusion topics and has been a contributing author five ITRC documents. She currently serves as an instructor for the ITRC’s TPH Risk Assessment internet-based training (IBT) course. She has authored 20+ publications and presentations on risk assessment, risk-based corrective actions, and vapor intrusion.

LAURA TROZZOLO - Senior Human Health Risk Assessor, TRC, Fort Collins, TX

Laura Trozzolo received her B.S. in biology (Notre Dame, 1993) and her M.S. in risk decision analysis (Indiana University, 1995). She is a Senior Human Health Risk Assessor with TRC, where she provides data management and regulatory oversight for human health risk assessment and risk management services.  Laura Trozzolo currently serves on the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) PFAS and VI Mitigation Teams. She historically served on ITRC’s PVI and TPH Risk Assessment teams, and has over 10 years of presentation experience at conferences and VI trainings around the US.

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