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2019 Environmental Conference Presentations

Plenary Session - Missouri River Relief, Steve Schnarr


A Balancing Act - The Many Requirements at a Modern Landfill, Doug Doerr, P.E., SCS Engineers

So You Want to Develop a NEW GREENFIELD Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Thomas R. Gredell, P.E., GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.

Field Safety - Unique Safety Risks for Field Operations at Solid Waste Facilities, Andrew Phillips, Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants

Navigating Organics Management into the Future: The Intersection of Waste Diversion, Green Energy, and Financial Sustainability, Robert W. Craggs, Burns & McDonnell; Stan Slaughter, Missouri Organics Recycling; Erick L. Roberts, City of Springfield

Getting Wise About Your Waste, Cynthia Mormile, MWW Consultants

Waste & Recycling Audits - What's There and What's Next?, Laura Drescher, P.E., Burns & McDonnell

Design and Construction of a ClosureTurf® Final Cover System, Dillon Baird, P.E. and Paul Migwi, SCS Engineers

Avoidable Complications in Landfill Leachate and Condensate System Design, Tim Hasslen EPG Companies


The Long Term Effect of Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation on Secondary Water Quality and Its Implication for Vapor Intrusion, Michael R. Siczkowski, JRW Bioremediation

Vapor Intrusion: Balancing Regulatory Requirements and Cost Considerations, Jennifer M. Martin, HeplerBroom LLC

Vapor Intrusion: Balancing Regulatory Requirements and Cost Considerations, Mary Juan, Environmental Operations, Inc.

Dye Tracing to Understand Water Flow at Industrial and Waste Sites, Shiloh Beeman, R.G., GeoEngineers

Groundwater Monitoring System Design - Use What You Learned in School!, Grant Elliott, Mikel C. Carlson, R.G., and Ken A. Ewers, R.G., GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc.

U.S. EPA PCB Facility Approval Streamlining Toolbox (FAST): Streamlining the Cleanup Approval Process, Annah Murray, U.S. EPA Region 7

OSHA's Respirable Silica Standard, Daniel Stark, CIH, Mo Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Recent Changes to the Missouri Well Construction Rules, Justin Davis, Missouri Geological Survey

PFAs in Landill Leachates - Overview and Handling Options, Viraj deSilva, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, SCS Engineers

Injection Wells for Responsible Liquids Management, Stephanie Hill, SCS Engineers

PFAs and Waste - What to Do with It Now?, Bharat Chandramouli, Ph.D., SGS AXYS

Available Treatment Options for PFAs/PFOs, Angie Martin, P.E., CHMM, Heritage Environmental Services

Mass Animal Mortality Events - Preemptive and Emergency Response Services, Fletcher Bone, R.G., Missouri Geological Survey

Passive Groundwater Sampling Is Now a Mainstream Method - If You Can Get Enough Water, Sandy Britt, QED Environmental Systems, Inc.


Welcome, Discussion of Recent Issues, Discussion of Upcoming Topics, Tech Bulletins, Trainings, Webinars, Laura Luther, MoDNR Tanks Section

Site Discussion "Showing MEP Using Short Term MPE", Steve Lang, P.E., MoDNR Tanks Section

High Vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction - Case Studies, Theresa Ferguson, ATC Group Services LLC

The Use of Remote Sensing Equipment in Faulted Karst Terrain to Optimize Gasoline Remediation, Chris Schaefer, CHMM, Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc.

Utility Technical Bulletin Discussion, Justin Buckler, MoDNR Tanks Section

Off-Site Demonstration of Sonic Rotary Drilling Rig for Bedrock Monitoring Well Installations, Bobbilynne Koepke, R.G., Environmental Works, Inc. - includes a clickable link to a video of the off-site visit

What Makes a Good Domestic Use of Groundwater Analysis?, Brenna McDonald, R.G., Missouri Geological Survey

Plume Stability Analysis and Other Groundwater Plume Analytics® Tools for Evaluating Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites, Joe A. Ricker, P.E., EarthCon

Plume Stability Evaluations, Justin Buckler and Todd Birkey, MoDNR Tanks Section

The Benefits of HVDPE vs. Other Technologies, Noel Shenoi, CalClean, Inc.


The BVCP at Work: Helping Rural and Urban Communities Redevelop Brownfield Properties, Scott Huckstep, MoDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program

Financial and Technical Resource Assistance for Brownfields, David Doyle, US EPA Region 7

Financial and Technical Resource Assistance for Brownfields, Maggie Egbarts, K-State TAB Program


Legal Update - Recent Legislation and Court Decisions, Stephen Jeffery, Jeffery Law Group, LLC

Enforcement in an Era of Cooperative Federalism, Roger Walker, LLM, RegForm

Environmental Regulation, Permitting, and Enforcement in Today's EPA and MoDNR, James T. Price, Spencer Fane LLP

Emerging Contaminants: What's New and What's Coming, James T. Price, Spencer Fane LLP


Chlorinated Solvent Impact on Property Redevelopment, Anthony Moore, Environmental Works, Inc.

Redeveloping the Former Blum Scrapyard in Dubuque, Iowa, Emily Smart, R.G., Blackstone Environmental Inc, and Maurice Jones, City of Springfield, Mo

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