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  Ripple Glass - Environmental Excellence

In 2009, Kansas Citians threw away 150 million pounds of perfectly good glass. To the dismay of the people at Boulevard Brewing Company, this included some 10 million empty Boulevard bottles – lost forever, buried in local landfills. Area businesses use nearly 200 million pounds of recycled glass every year, so why was it so hard to recycle glass? Because there was no nearby facility to process the glass. And why no local processor? Because, in classic chicken-and-egg fashion, there was almost no local recycling. The folks at Boulevard finally got tired of being part of the problem. So, with the support of local companies and community organizations, they came up with a solution—Ripple Glass.

Ripple constructed a state-of-the-art processing plant, and placed dedicated glass recycling containers throughout the metro area. They found a local customer that converts the recycled glass into fiberglass insulation, saving enormous amounts of energy and dramatically lowering emissions, and a business in Tulsa that turns amber glass back into bottles, including those used by Boulevard! The Ripple effect has spread, with beautiful purple recycling containers now in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Branson, Lawrence, Omaha, and Sioux City. Ripple’s facility is processing glass from all over the region, helping over 80 other communities keep glass out of their landfills while giving it the new life it deserves.

Ripple recycled its BILLIONTH BOTTLE in 2017! Throughout the year and leading up to the billionth bottle, Ripple Glass surprised recyclers with small prizes at Ripple Glass collection points. The month culminated with Ripple’s billionth bottle recycler. Each week, thousands of area residents collect their glass bottles and jars and deliver them to a nearby Ripple Glass bin. Recycling one bottle saves enough energy to light a compact fluorescent light bulb for 7 hours. But, recycling one billion bottles saves enough electricity to power every house in Kansas City for more than 18 days.

Rickie L. Roberts, P.E. - Lifetime Achievement

Rick’s professional career has spanned 45 years (and counting).  He began working in the mid-1970’s for the Missouri Department of Health and then the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (after it was formed).  Rick worked with a small group of engineers in Jefferson City who started the Solid Waste Program in the 1970’s, which quickly evolved to the include Hazardous Waste, which he lead.  By 1980 he had moved to the Poplar Bluff Regional Office of MDNR and was a field inspector in Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste, as well as other programs.  In the mid-1990’s, he left MoDNR and moved to Kansas City to work with Burns & McDonnell in their Solid Waste group.  From there, he went to work in St. Louis for TetraTech for several years.  In 2002, Rick joined GREDELL Engineering Resources, Inc. and has worked in their St. Louis and, now, Springfield offices.  
Rick has been involved with the MWCC (and it’s predecessor conference put on solely by the Solid Waste Management Program), since the 1970’s.  Throughout his career as a government employee/regulator and a private consulting engineer, Rick’s interest and commitment to the MWCC has not waivered. He has made at least 90% or more of the conferences over the past 40 years.  In 1998-1999, Rick was the 18th President of the MWCC.  Since then, Rick has continued his attendance, periodically volunteering as a moderator, or presenting a timely topic of discussion.  Rick has also been a long-time member of SWANA.
Rick has shown dedication to the solid waste field (including the fact that he inspired his son, Erick, to go into solid waste management). Very few, if any, active solid waste professionals can stack up against his overall experience in solid waste AND hazardous waste, as well as his past and continued service to the Missouri Waste Control Coalition.

John Haasis - Jan Dillow Coalition Contribution

John served as President of the Missouri Waste Control Coalition for two terms, 2014-2016 and was the Conference Chair in 2013.  He has long been involved with the Coalition and environmental activities and demonstrated a high interest in education which was also evident in his other activities. He worked for the St. Louis County Department of Public Health and was instrumental in getting more city employees involved in the Coalition.

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